Update 4/27/2017

I explained in my previous update why the weekly magazine has been suspended for the immediate future. I also explained that much of the material that was in the magazine, as episodes, will be published in book form.

There will also be some new material, and as a matter of fact our first book will be new to this website. It is The Easter Gospel and it tells the story of Jesus' death and resurrection in picture-strip, while an accompanying text explains the salvation significance of the events. The Easter Gospel will be available in a couple of weeks.

Soon after that we will be publishing the Christian adventure story, GET TONI!

Previews of the publications will be available here soon.

Castle of Grace became a limited liability company on April the first of this year. Castle of Grace will be publishing books to suit a wide spectrum of Christians, and it will publish work for children and also for adults.

This Castle of Grace website has a companion website at www.catholiccastle.com. As the name suggests, that website is designed especially for Catholics. We hope that our readers will feel free to move back and forth between the sites. You will see that the content is very similar. We hope to encourage people to be aware that Christians have a huge common heritage, which far outweighs our divisions. We pray always for the Christian body to find unity.

If you visit Catholic Castle you will see the upcoming publications that we have planned for it. Catholic Castle is a part of Castle of Grace LLC.