Update 3/27/2017: A CHANGE OF DIRECTION

I discovered a couple of days ago that the software upon which I have depended to create the Castle of Grace magazine has changed its nature so much that I no longer feel able to use it. First, it has moved from becoming a program that I could buy outright, as a physical disk, for a straightforward purchase price, to a program that I can only access online for a monthly payment which I must keep up ad infinitum if I want to keep using the program. The same applies to the program I have used in creating the artwork. Eventually, I will no longer be able to access or amend the hundreds of pictures I have created unless I keep paying the everlasting monthly premium. In the short term I will be using another program for my art, but for new work now I will be returning to brushes and paint - which I regret ever leaving.

More seriously, the website creation program which I must pay for monthly no longer carries the ability to let me interact with a database!

This means that I can no longer access records about customers and subscriptions without either buying and learning to use further "extensions" or learning to use another program altogether - after investing dozens, hundreds of hours in the original programs. And I cannot afford to employ an "IT guy" to manage it all for me.

So the monthly magazine project is suspended indefinitely.

HOWEVER - and here is the good news - all of the items that would have appeared in the magazine will soon be available in print and e-book form, for you to purchase as complete items. The first one to appear, in a couple of weeks, will be the popular GET TONI! and it will be available as a complete printed book as well as an e-book.

I think that, as a matter of fact, many people will prefer this.

Best wishes, David F.