GET TONI is a Christian adventure novel for children. It is set in a wild part of the coast of Maine, during a winter storm. It begins with Alec , John and Jane cross-country skiing to get away for a while from their Uncle Joe.

Among some snow-bound trees they find the wreck of a light airplane, brought down in a recent storm but not reported in the news . . . an illegal flight, not known to the authorities. When Alec climbs up he finds two dead and frozen bodies in the cockpit . . .
. . . and there is a package with a message written on it: "GET TONI 44.5988 — 67.4155 door is 61748"

The contents of the package are amazing, but they present the children with a moral dilemma.

Then, events force them into a certain direction and they have little choice but to try and "Get Toni" — whomever or whatever "Toni" might be.

The story develops into an exciting adventure. As well as promoting Christian truths and values, it is there as a "draw" to encourage readers who might shy away from magazine that seemed too heavy-handed about religious teaching.

Obviously, good overcomes evil and the three protagonists learn something about themselves and the difficulty — and rewards — of doing what is right in the face of evil.

"Get Toni" will appear as an ebook and as a printed book. It will be followed by a second Christian adventure entitled, "Viper Island."