David and Rosemary Fielding founded CASTLE OF GRACE out of concern for Christian children, in particular, and the Christian body as a whole during this time when the mainstream culture is becoming increasingly hostile to Christianity.

CASTLE OF GRACE will provide resources for helping Christian families resist the bad influences of modern culture and strengthen their faith. We focus primarily on children, because these are the most vulnerable targets of those who wish ill to the Christian faith. Our inventory, small at the moment, is set to expand strongly throughout 2018 with further work designed for children and also some items for adults. For example, we have in preparation "Gospel Truth," which is an analysis of how the credibility of the Gospels has been attacked over a couple of centuries. "Gospel Truth" exposes the poor scholarship and even dishonesty of the attacks on the Gospels and sets out the reasons for believing in their complete veracity. That will be coming very soon.

CASTLE OF GRACE is a family concern. At the moment we are publishing only work that we have produced ourselves, but we expect to publish the work of others in the future.

Our desire is to strengthen the whole Christian body, and to that end we are running a parallel website called CATHOLIC CASTLE, through which we publish books for Catholic children. (See the TWO CASTLES tab, above.) It is high time that the separated strands of Christianity came together again, and we hope that visitors to either site will switch to peruse the other from time to time. We aim to show clearly that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. Reunion no doubt lies some way in the future, but we can work towards it by understanding each other and working in tandem to resist the anti-Christian forces around us that threaten us all.